Animal Life Savers Needs Volunteers to be Foster Homes, Dog Walkers, Cat/Care (Socialization), Work the Animal Life Savers Booth at Petsmart, Trapping, Transporting, Fundraising and Feeding Feral Cats. We depend on our volunteer base to survive, its that simple.

Working with animals is not the only way to volunteer. We need people with many skills to support our organization. Check out the list of volunteer opportunities below. We would be grateful for your help, in whatever form is right for you!

You must be 18 years or older volunteer for ALS. However, we would still appreciate your help if you are under 18, we just need formal consent from a parent or guardian.

To volunteer, contact us or fill out the application below.

We need your help and we hope you fill out an application and join our organization. Every little bit helps.

"If you think that something small cannot make a difference - try going to sleep with a mosquito in the room."


Volunteer Opportunities

We need your help, even if your talents don't involve caring for pets!


  • Submit short story or photo for newsletter or website

  • Distribute materials about ALS and events


  • Volunteer at pet adoption days

  • Answer questions/steer people to the correct person

  • Interview potential adoptive families

  • Socialize animals


  • Make follow-up phone calls after adoptions

  • Compile newsletter

  • Grant Writing

Foster/Animal Care

  • Care for bottle babies

  • Care for kittens/cats

  • Care for puppies/dogs

  • TNR volunteers (help trap/release and transport feral animals)


  • Obtain donations (could be cash, trips or other things of value they can raffle off)

  • Sell 50/50 tickets

  • Conduct mini-fundraisers (ask stores if they can stand outside collecting money, place a jar in the store)

  • Assist with tricky tray

Information Technology

  • Make updates to the website

  • Post items to social Media

Program Coordinator

  • Organizing and Managing Teen Volunteers

  • Organizing and Managing "Pets for Seniors"

Download and print a copy of our volunteer application form, or fill in the online form below.


My husband and I began volunteering for this organization about a year ago. Let me start off by saying over 10 years ago my family and I had a dog who fell very ill, financially we weren’t in the position get him the help he needed, or even so much as find out what exactly was wrong with him. After weeks of trying animal shelters, who without any evaluation suggested euthanasia, my mother finally stumbled across a true angel, Elaine. She completely went out of her way to help us get him evaluated and even drove out to pick him up from our home. The sad truth was, he did need to be euthanized. Elaine however, swooped in as the superwoman she is, and took care of it all for us. So here I am, over 10 years later, and still cant find enough ways to thank Elaine, and everyone at Animal Life Savers, for all they do for these helpless animals. My husband and I use our only free time to volunteer and bond over some of the things we love most. We both work very demanding jobs and over 50 hours a week, but always make time to lend a helping hand by working the cat room once weekly and fostering sick and older cats in need. I know we probably couldn’t touch half as many lives as Elaine has, but we will forever be eternally grateful for her kindness and generosity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, to everyone at Animal Life Savers and everyone who has contributed to our success over the years!

– Jasmine and Ali