Foster a Pet

All FOSTERS act as the bridge between what was and what can be. They are the pathway to a new life. You will know them by sight, because they are made of mush. Their hearts melt when they see the animals matted and sore, limping, depressed, lonely, unwanted, and afraid to love. For a little time these orphans are theirs. The orphans are fed with the foster's own hands. They are loved with a whole heart and the orphans in turn are made whole themselves. If you fit this description then we are ready for you to help! Animal Life Savers provides all food and medical care while you are fostering. Please download our volunteer application or fill it in online and indicate your interest in fostering so we can get started.

FINDING A LOVING, FOREVER HOME. The fostered dogs or cats are posted on our pets page. They are brought to our adoption days at designated PetSmart locations. Applications are taken and carefully reviewed. We try our best to place each dog or cat into the correct family. Each one of these animals lives sits in the palm of our hands and we take our job seriously. Foster families are the gate that leads to the door of a forever home. Check out our pets page to see our pets in foster homes and up for adoption.

As President of Animal Life Savers, I would like to say to all our fosters, this organization could not do what it does without you, your dedication to the process and your focus on the goals.

Elaine Samman

President, Animal Life Savers

Download and print a copy of our volunteer application form, or fill in the online form below.