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ALS believes that through education the suffering can end. Let’s educate our children NOW!


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Thank you for considering adopting one of our wonderful pets. Please remember that Animal Life Savers is a non profit organization made up of volunteers and our very survival depends on your donations. Now it is your turn to be a hero so thank you in advance for your donation.

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Animal Life Savers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that rescues homeless animals in the North Jersey area.

Animal Life Savers helps in the adoption process of homeless animals that are in desperate need of love, attention and good homes.


We also perform trap, neuter and return programs (TNR) to help an already overwhelming stray cat population in our metropolitan area.


Animal Life Savers is also dedicated to the education of children concerning the humane treatment of animals and developing compassion toward all forms of life.


Have you ever thought about how much you could change things just by volunteering? Become a Volunteer or Foster Home.

Pets for Seniors is BACK!

Many seniors are enjoying their cat or dog with the comfort of Animal Life Savers caring for them!!   Our program enables seniors to adopt an older cat or dog with the comfort of knowing that no money will come out of their pocket and our volunteers are right there for them to provide food, cat litter etc.  We love our program and we incorporate help for senior citizens too.  Our organization is always receiving donations for events used and new items in which our senior members receive well needed things to make their lives more comfortable.  It’s a Win Win for Seniors!!    If you would like to hear more information or to see if you qualify for our senior program please email Elaine at elaine@animallifesavers.org      

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